Areas eligible for SMC and areas where SMC is implemented in 2020

Photo: SMC implementation areas in Mali


Children 3 - 120 months targeted

Children 3 - 120 months reached


Cycle 1




Cycle 2




Cycle 3




Cycle 4




Monitoring for coverage and compliance in the 2020 SMC season

Health worker administering SMC medicine

How do you monitor coverage completeness and treatment adherence?

  • Daily collection and reporting of SMC data
  • Supervision and monitoring of SMC data management at different levels
  • Independent monitoring surveys after the 1st and 4th visit

How do you rate the effectiveness?

  • Through routine service statistics data, evaluation surveys conducted by Malaria Research and Training Center on the quality and effectiveness of the SMC (Sample Districts) and IEP and Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) surveys

Successes, opportunities, challenges and proposed solutions in the 2019 SMC season


  • Commitment and involvement of authorities administrative at all the levels  
  • Involvement of leaders opinions and leaders community
  • Adaptation of SMC manual to the COVID-19 context
  • Development and adaptation of communication tools to COVID-19 context
  • Organization of training sessions and remote microplanning

Actions put in place to achieve success

  • Endowment of all SMC actors with COVID-19 protection equipment
  • Contribution from all community members 
  • Enthusiasm and strong support for SMC from the population
  • Coupling of the SMC with other community interventions
  • Technical and financial support of partners
  • Conducting quality evaluation surveys


  • Production and transportation disruption of SMC drugs by COVID-19 pandemic
  •  Barriers hindering microplanning of SMC
  • Limitation in the number of participants that can be trained due to social distancing measures
  • Not maintaining information days and SMC launch events
  • Rumors saying SMC drugs are COVID-19 vaccine
  • Mistrust of some parents due to false rumors 
  • Restriction on the holding of coordination meetings and monitoring of programme due to pandemic by COVID-19
  • Delay in delivery of SMC drugs to different levels
  • Difficulties in access at some localities due to insecurity
  • Under - estimating SMC target due to lapse in data
  • Non-observance of the administration of the 2nd and 3rd dose from AQ at home by some parents
  • Lack of monitoring mechanism of the 2nd and 3rd dose of AQ at home

Actions to be adopted to address challenges

  • Lack of essential support for the management SMC medicines
  • Under - notification of adverse drug reactions from SMC
  • Insufficiency in the support for data collection by agents of administration
  • Insufficiency in supervision at level community

Research priorities for 2020

  • Assessment of the impact of SMC in Mali
  • Pilot study of the implementation of SMC through routine activities by Community Health Workers


USAID/PMI, The Global Fund, UNICEF