Areas eligible for SMC and areas where SMC is implemented in 2020

Photo: Ghana SMC implementation map


Children 3 - 59 months targeted

Children 3 - 59 months reached


Cycle 1




Cycle 2




Cycle 3




Cycle 4




Data from the NMCP of Ghana

Monitoring of coverage completeness

Photo: Toby Madden / MMV
  • The team uses an electronic data collection application (SiCapp) to monitor coverage on daily basis

Monitoring for compliance

  • Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) revisit household on days 2 and 3

Evaluating efficacy

  • The team used case control studies to evaluate efficacy

Coverage survey

  • Completed a coverage survey for the 2020 SMC


  • Some volunteers moved very early in the morning or in the evening/night to dose children when caregivers were available
  • Most volunteers and supervisors strictly follow the Covid-19 prevention protocols
  • Prompt and effective management of ADRs
  • Volunteers in the Chereponi, a conflict area were assisted with police escorts to dose eligible children

Way forward

  • Complete coverage survey
  • To update Si-Capp (data collection tool)
  • Continue discussions possible expansion (No. of rounds, age-group)
  • To start SMC in Oti and Bono East regions – 2021
  • Strengthen collaboration with neighbouring countries


  • Key Covid-19 related challenges in 2020 SMC planning and delivery
  • Cost of SMC implementation increased due to purchase of PPEs and increased number of training sessions
  • Some virtual meetings were disrupted due to poor internet connectivity
  • A few workers tested positive for Covid-19 and had to be isolated and treated
  • Some effective Social and Behavioural Change Communication methods discontinued to prevent Covid-19 spread
  • Inadequate number of vehicles and frequent breakdown of vehicles
  • Missing/damaged/burnt android tablets and chargers
  • Data/Network issues (data synchronization)

Proposed solutions

  • Mobilized funds to support SMC implementation and purchase of adequate number of PPEs
  • Ensured strict adherence to all Covid-19 prevention protocols
  • Excluded Covid-19 patients and contacts, encouraged self-reporting, regularly checked temperatures
  • Intensified SBCC with mixed messages (about both malaria and COVID-19), using non-contact modes of communication
  • Had to rent some vehicles to complement our fleet
  • Sensitized CHVs on how to keep/handle the android tablets
  • CHVs were trained to record data in offline mode and synchronize data when internet connectivity available

Research priorities for 2021

  • SMC coverage survey-Ongoing
  • Conduct efficacy study on AQ and SP (including monitoring of molecularmarkers of resistance) (2023)


  • Coverage survey - OPT-SMC
  • Efficacy study: Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical research (University of Ghana)