Areas eligible for SMC and areas where SMC is implemented in 2020

Photo: SMC implementation areas in Guinea


Children 3 - 59 month planned

Children 3 - 59 month treated


Cycle 1




Cycle 2




Cycle 3




Cycle 4




Monitoring of coverage completeness

Photo: Toby Madden / MMV

Monitoring for coverage


Geographic coverage and administrative office of the SMC is controlled by :

  • The participatory approach with the community through meetings advocacy (local elected officials, leaders, etc.);
  • Close supervision;
  • Monitoring during and after the campaign;
  • Interactive broadcasts through radio stations;
  • Independent coverage survey at the end of the campaign;
  • The triangulation of data through the daily verification of the number of children treated per team;
  • The data quality control survey by cycle;
  • Data synthesis and validation meeting at the district;
  • A coverage survey was also carried out in 2020

Monitoring for compliance

  • Verifying the correct administration of SP;
  • Checking the administration of the last 2 doses (AQ);
  •  The identification of adverse reactions (ADRs).

Monitoring for effectiveness

  • Strengthen the monitoring of pharmacovigilance;
  • Monitor morbidity and mortality related to malaria;
  • Gather community views on the effectiveness of smc
  • Carry out a molecular survey

Avancées, opportunités, obstacles et solutions pour la saison 2020 de CPS


  • Adaptation of key messages of SMC to COVID 19 context;
  • Achieving the programmatic objectives of SMC by cycle (Macro and microplanning);
  • Capacity building of stakeholder Implementation ;
  • Administration of SP + AQ by mothers / caregivers;
  • Provision of actors with protection kits against COVID - 19;
  • Community buy-in;
  • Sufficient availability of inputs and on time;
  • Establishment of case management committees to manage delays ;
  • The involvement and motivation of all stakeholders involved;
  • The combination of SMC with other interventions.

Actions to take

  • The scaling up of ICT4D digital technology;
  • Supervise the taking of the last two doses of AQ;
  • Extend SMC to other eligible districts;
  • Institutionalize the association of other interventions (vaccinations, IPT, LLINs, case management) to the SMC campaign. 


  • Campaign organization despite the restrictions required of COVID - 19;
  • Compliance with the timing of SMC campaign;
  • Target coverage despite the sub - estimate of the target in mining and mobile populations;
  • Organization of SMC during presidential elections

Proposed solutions

  • Integrate SMC activities into district plans;
  • Involve other partners in the financing of SMC;
  • Develop strategies specific for mining areas.
  • Adoption of safety practices for the implementation of SMC during the presidential elections.

Priorités de recherche futures

Research priorities

  • Extension of the SMC to five cycles in two pilot districts and the carrying out a comparative socio-anthropological study (2021);
  • Historical study of the morbidity and mortality of malaria in 2015 to 2020 in health centers and hospitals in the Republic of Guinea (in 2021)


  • The Global Fund / Catholic Relief Services
  • President’s Malaria Initiative / STOP PALU;
  • The London of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • MSF
  • MMV
  • CRS