The SMC Alliance welcomes appointment of Dr Daniel Ngamije as Director of Global Malaria Control Programme

23 Mar 2023
Photo: Dr. Daniel Ngamije

On Tuesday, 21 March, the World Health Organization (WHO) appointed Dr Daniel Ngamije as the Director of the Global Malaria Programme (GMP), which is a department within the WHO that is responsible for leading and coordinating global efforts to control and eliminate malaria.

As the former Minister of Health in Rwanda, Dr Ngamije played a critical role in advancing the country's health sector and improving the health and well-being of its population. He achieved this by mobilizing funds and establishing community and tech-driven programmes to diagnose, treat and reduce malaria cases in Rwanda.

With his appointment taking effect on Saturday, 8 April 2023, Dr Ngamije will work closely with governments, NGOs, and other organizations to ensure that all people at risk of malaria have access to effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and that efforts to control and eliminate malaria are coordinated, evidence-based, and sustainable.